Speakeasy and Envisioned Arts ATL present...


Huxley Anne, The Morkestra, Houman

Sat ยท December 1, 2018

9:00 pm

$15.00 - $18.00

This event is all ages

Human shaped ball of wtf Jasper Reeder has been writing bios in the third person for the better part of a decade. I'm so fucking bored with these forreal but I love you guys and I know you wouldn't have read this far if you didn't want me to tell you a story so here goes. In 2008 I was a budding breakcore producer who had made the mistake of analyzing the effects,if any, of my music on the human psyche(while on acid). I came to the conclusion that I made music that, while technically pretty damn on point, furthered the alienation of already awkward people like myself. I decided that in order to bring people together I should make subwoofer oriented music that forced people to share an experience on loud soundsystems rather than privately ingest in headphones. I changed my myspace URL weekly while I experimented and uploaded new sounds until I landed on NastyNasty somewhere around December 2008. The San Francisco based Frite Nite crew, comprised of Salva, B. Bravo, Eprom, Epcot and Ana Sia, adopted my awkward smelly self into their band of rogue bass slingers and we became
known as that crew with the other other on the west coast. I received praise for my balancing act of sentimental vocal trickery and synthesizer sludge from a slew of blogs and magazines including Xlr8r, The Fader, Resident Advisor and SPIN magazine. Unwilling to rest on my laurels I shifted my sound In 2011 with the release of the Poison Flavored E.P. on Rwina records and a mix of entirely originals Lazerbrain. I toured tirelessly through until somewhere in 2013 I collapsed into vortex and went AWOL, occasionally popping my head up to release sounds or play the odd show but was generally absent from the sonic environment. Through the encouragement of some really good people I started my monster back up in late 2015 and made a new commitment to the sonic landscape: be uncompromisingly yourself. I had realized that with my career dead in the water I could do whatever the fuck I wanted with it, so why not write ambient jams and little electronic punk vignettes? Turns out It was the best thing I could have done and my 2016 release on Saturate Records "Broken Moon" was a huge success, re introducing myself to the world as the new/improved mecha-NastyNasty 2.0. In 2017 I have a slew of collaborations waiting to be released with the likes of Bleep Bloop, G Jones, Sayer and Proko, as well as my next yet-to-be-titled release which I am literally on my way home to work on as I write this. This is where I put a list of famous people that have played music I took part in: Bassnectar, Zed's Dead, DJ Q-Bert, The Gaslamp Killer, Lefto and DJ Shadow. Then most DJ's do this secondary list of famous people they've played shows with but like....I've been doing this for 8 years and this list would be stupid long if I went through and listed all of these but my personal favorite was playing direct support for Mr. Oizo cuz despite all the stupidly huge EDM names I could put here that was truly an honor for me to open for somebody who actually deserves the respect and admiration he receives. That's all I got yo I'm starting to get all weird about talking about myself now, thank you for reading this from the deepest pit of my heart.
The Morkestra
The Morkestra
The Morkestra is a far-out deejay experience consisting of Tyler the selector and Saude the effector.
Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307