Animal Ace EP Release Showcase

Rhythm N News & Aisle 5 Present:

Animal Ace EP Release Showcase


Thu · July 27, 2017

9:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

Animal Ace
Animal Ace
Mississippi born, and Atlanta built, Animal Ace brings the natural elements of the world to the modern aged urban jungle with multi-influence bass music, melodic harmonies, and complex sounds that you'll have to hear to believe. Boasting 6 yrs of production experience across multiple areas of the music industry, Animal Ace is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and movement to your soul.

Animal Ace's debut Original Series entitled "Infinite Fauna" is a project meant to combine elements from the natural and artificial worlds. the second EP in the series releases on July 27 2017 and is entitled "From Treeline to Skyline" and is based on the essence of transition and connection, and it is symbolized by the sounds of birds.
Planet Nine
Planet Nine is the creative combo of the beautifully funky electronic music production skills of Animal Ace mixed with the unique lyrical stylings of Fat Tuna
$uperbia is comprised of two wild white boys. The two were born two days apart, but one (Dublgauge) adopted by his parents on the same day the other (Datsun) was born. The two met some time in the 4th grade, and though they parted ways for a time due to school districts and whathaveyou, the two reconnected after high school with a mutual interest in hip-hop. It turned out to be a match made in heaven, Dublgauge, born Logan McDaniel, had moxie, chutzpah, an endless cache of lethal bars and an aggressive business mindset. Datsun, born Ian Dotson, brought, in addition to formidable bars of his own, some mad beat-making skills and a wicked set of pipes. The two share a unique dynamic in their work-flow. Datsun, the mellow one, prefers to crank out beats and hooks by his lonesome, whereas Dublgauge, the firey one, is always on the move booking events and making musical connections when he's not writing verses in his head. Either way, when they're together the two dedicate their free time to making, as they like to call them, "FUCKIN JAMZ." These mavericks are actively pursuing marketing, apparel design and booking opportunities while they continue to refine their performance, production and song-writing techniques. The two have been eternally grateful thus far to every cheer and shoutout and look forward to making new friends and fans on the road. So keep your eyes peeled big wigs! The world would be silly NOT to expect big things from the dynamic duo $uperbia.
Empowering Live Instruments
Art thrives on new voices. Music, in particular, tends to take major steps forward when emerging acts arrive on the scene with a fresh perspective. Emerging from Jackson, Mississippi is a 23-year-old rapper wise beyond his years, whose fresh, positive, and inspiring outlook on life provides the basis for a soundtrack with a remarkable vibrancy.

“It’s a young world,” E.L.I. says. “It’s about being young and enjoying life. Right now, our world is so down and so negative because of what’s going on. My world is the opposite of that. In my world, everything is on the up and up. I am appreciative of everything that I have and everything that I’ve gone through in order to make it to where I am today. The world needs an outlet and the kids need an outlet to be happy. I feel like I can do that with my music.”

With new music coming out this fall, E.L.I. feels his new project, Harry the Pothead and The Sorcerer Stoned will provide his fans with an inside look to the feelings and experiences that he has undergone.

Although, many rappers are unwilling to put their personal pain, frustration, and anger on display, E.L.I. believes that doing so makes him a more genuine artist. “If I’m going to try to hide who I am in my music, then there’s no reason for me to do it,” he says. “I can be the player, but I can also be the person who got played – and that’s something everyone can relate to. Everybody tries to act like they’re only a player and that’s not true. I feel like being vulnerable is a good chance for people to be like, ‘He’s real.’ Right now, people want to hear real music and people want to hear what’s real.”
By bridging the gap between the urban, funk, and hip-hop worlds, E.L.I. is indeed set to conquer all three realms. In fact, he imagines himself following in the footsteps of another trailblazing artist whose distinctive style has led him to his success. “I look at myself as a modern day MOS Def,” E.L.I. says. “When MOS Def came out in New York, he was different from the normal New York sound, but he fit in perfectly. Everybody loved him. He was a real lyricist. That is what he represented. I feel like I can do the same thing.”

E.L.I.’s intelligence, verbal skill, and keen eye for social observation has made him a future spokesman of the new hip-hop generation who appeals to people from all walks of life.

My work is a reflection of the human condition,” E.L.I. says. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want to mislead people. I want to tell the truth. All my songs are not happy, some of them are even aggressive—some may say they’re ‘mean’ but we all experience these feelings in life. I’m just being honest about what I feel and what sounds and ideas were motivating me at the time.”

E.L.I. says his passion is simply to make good ass music and to convey a message (whatever that message may be) through his music.
T.R.A.N.E. Spitta, Ethan DaSilva, is a Brooklyn born, Nashville native with insane lyricism, rhyme schemes, sociopolitical messages, and deep and passionate songs. He was raised in a Caribbean household. Both of his parents were born and raised in Guyana, a small country on the Northern coast of South America bordering the Caribbean Sea. This culture contributed to some of his early musical influences being Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, and other various conscious Reggae artists. Other influences include some of his mother’s favorite artists like Yolanda Adams and Anita Baker and his uncles’ favorite artists, who both were DJs in Brooklyn during their adolescent and early adulthood, such as Wu Tang, KRS One, Mos Def, and Biggie Smalls.

T.R.A.N.E. stands for “The Revolutionary Artist Named Ethan.” This acronym is more than just a clever play on letters: it is his motivation. Trane means to seriously impact his fans lives and, hopefully, the lives of everyone he encounters. Trane stands up for Humanity, peace, and love and will stop at nothing to reveal the truths behind these principles to the entire world.

T.R.A.N.E. Spitta is currently promoting his current project “The R.A.P. EP” now available exclusively on Bandcamp! There are also talks about a fall release project. Stay Tuned… THE REVOLUTION IS HERE!!!
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