Felixx Thompson

Loud N Klear Presents, "Rhythm and Rhymes"

Felixx Thompson

Mon · July 17, 2017

8:00 pm


Felixx Thompson
Felixx Thompson
To understand Felixx, one must know that he marches to the beat of his own rhythmic drum. Rich harmonies, thick melodies, and sensual lyrics is the only way to describe his unique sound. Groomed from an early age to be a southern gentleman, the Monroe, Georgia-native has mastered the art of distinction. A classically trained singer with influential energy from Mozart, Calvin Richardson, Prince, Anthony Hamilton, and Miguel, the R&B crooner is one of the few artists today to make records incorporating live instrumentation and does so with convincing passion. His moniker, taken from his birth name Felix with the addition of an “x,” refers to his “Clark Kent” ability to effortlessly transition from one genre to another while remaining GQ smooth.

Felixx has a big voice, believes in big full-band stage productions and has a big vision. “I like to make timeless, inspiring music built upon subjects that affect people. I do music because I want to share my gift with audiences across the world and make them feel a range of emotions at the sound of my voice.” From church, to the crib, to the club, Felixx blends so many diverse styles into a cohesive whole it is safe to say he is a force of nature. Felixx, a budding musical genius with unapologetic boy-next-door-charm, is the smooth modern-day voice of today’s generation.

Showing musical diversity and seamlessly tying together R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock, Felixx is contemporary art set to music. Felixx has opened for artists such as Babyface, Jagged Edge, Tamia, Sheila E, and more. His talent has also received the attention of various A&Rs and labels, as well as, scouts on American Idol, America's Got Talent, and The Voice. Staying dedicated to sharpening his skills as an all-around performer, Felixx has spent the past year finding and perfecting his sound. He has worked with a few industry vets such as Jan Smith, Jazze Pha, and Debra Killings. He is currently working on a R&B mixtape set to release in early June.
Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307