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Command, Tone Connect

Fri · December 21, 2018

9:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

CLAVVS is a duo of accidental best friends. Amber Renee and Graham Marsh might never have met if not for a last minute text invitation to a stranger’s house party. Conversations were shared. Jokes were made. Tunes were played. Soon the pair were writing the songs that would ultimately become their first CLAVVS singles.

Two albums later, Amber and Graham have dialed in their sound, one that merges his obsession with world music sounds and hip hop drums with her imaginative lyrics and off-kilter pop melodies. The result is both familiar and otherworldly, a distinctive sound that Earmilk and Ladygunn agree is “dark and hypnotic.”

And yet there is something hopeful and human in their music, which is evidenced in the genuine nature of their live show. Amber and Graham are energetic and emotive, unafraid to move and dance to their own rhythms. It’s easy to see why they’ve shared a stage with fellow world music inspired acts like Ibeyi and Rhye. There is an ease to their performance that comes with experience.

And perhaps that would make sense, given that Amber grew up performing in musical theater and singing her original Americana songs at local venues in Atlanta. And Graham spent years on the major label side of the industry, earning four Grammys for his work with acts like Bruno Mars and Gnarls Barkley before walking away to pursue a career in music that felt a bit more human.

And CLAVVS is just that— an alternative pop band that examines human experiences with candor and imagination. Based in Brooklyn, Amber and Graham craft songs that subtly challenge and subvert the pop genre, an element that stands at the heart of everything they make.

CLAVVS’ music has been featured in MTV’s Teen Wolf, PBS’ The Music Voyager, and in global in-store playlists and ad campaigns for brands like Becca Cosmetics, Forever 21, and American Apparel. Their sophomore album World Underwater charted at no. 60 on the NACC chart, with noteworthy praise from KCRW, who called CLAVVS one of their “new favorite bands”.
Coming form East Atlanta, Command grew up immersed within the deep, vibrant culture of the ATL where he developed a unique and infectious sound used to captivate the alternative music scene in Atlanta since late 2015. His style can best be described as a fine blend of indie rock flourishes & hip-hop / soul that bring to mind contemporaries, Kid Cudi and Tame Impala.

His latest project, MATH, is an EP that provides an introspective lens into the artist's headspace as he attempts to balance his personal relationships with his creative fervor. MATH a genuine display of Command's unique perspective, as he struggles to find a niche for himself within Atlanta's thriving trap dominated bubble.
Tone Connect
Tone Connect
Tone Connect projects a musical aesthetic combining visual analog mediums into dark and soulful dance music. Matt Peavy, also known as Tone Connect, sprouted from the suburbs of Atlanta and grew up playing multiple instruments in various indie-rock bands and taking a keen interest in analog Polaroid photography with his trusty SX70. As Matt drifted stylistically out of post-rock sounds to electronic music and analog synths, he became interested in creating a project containing his three favorite analog values: Oscillators, Polaroids, and Pantones. Drawing inspiration from analog synths, color palettes that only a Polaroid photo can create, and lush verbed-out samples gathered through crate digging in Atlanta, Tone Connect bridges the mediums together to create wavy and distorted, downtempo and moody music for those that enjoy analog tastes mixed with grimey-southern electronic sounds.
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Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307