James Bambu

Sindicated Events and Famous Honey present

James Bambu

Herrick & Hooley, Two 32, Flwr Chyld, Dj Jash Jay

Mon · July 23, 2018

8:00 pm


James Bambu
James Bambu
In his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, James found local success in the Indie Soul and R&B circuit, despite Trap music's prominence in the city. Now based in New York City's Brooklyn Borough, he's on the road to becoming a notable game changer in the world of Soul and R&B. His first EP Soulo was produced by 808 Mafia's MP808, and released in December 2016. Now making music with his collective Famous Honey, James most recently released “Love Nest”, produced by Herrick & Hooley, and “Succulent”, produced and co-written by Atlanta producer Flwr Chyld. His sophomore project Del Sol was released May 25 2018, and he will be on a North American tour with Famous Honey this Summer.
Dj Jash Jay
Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307