Locals SuperJam

Rhythm-n-News Presents:

Locals SuperJam

Wed ยท June 21, 2017

9:00 pm

This event is all ages

The House Band
The House Band
Drums : Luke Klaer

Luke is not only a drummer/percussionist, but a songwriter/vocalist/lyricist with an eclectic range of musical background from hardcore/metal bands in high school to Drum line experience with Valdosta State and in DCA Atlanta Corps vets. Luke comes from a jazz/funk/experimental background that has continued to blossom with experience in the Jam scene. He has played mostly with his movement. Prism Collective, but also with acts such as I.R.E., Lennon Jones Band, and Pandora White. He is passionate about the music and the art and bringing the UNITY into all the we do. You can feel his Love and passion through his Rhythmic Vibrations and energy.

Percussion : Phil Ordonez

Philip Ordonez hails from the cultural melting pot of Miami,FL where he draws influence for his latin-inspired tribal rhythms. He is currently a member of Atlanta based jamtronic space-funk powerhouse, Space Kadet. He enjoys long, moonlit walks on (and off) the beat.

Bass : Paul Knight

It was the summer after 8th grade when my good friend brought me the school's Jazz bass and let me borrow it over break. Ever since I've been addicted to laying down the low end. I learned by playing along to alternative, classic rock and metal, never taking lessons or formal training. I tried several other instruments but always came back to the bass, even as a child I always payed attention to the basslines in music. In 2001 I bought recording equipment and began making demos for my friends bands and playing around recording my own ideas. In 02 I traveled around the country all year going to see my favorite bands at festivals and that's when I had the vision that I would be playing on stage and collaborating with friends and musical heroes. In later that year I recorded my first full length album titled "From the Center". The following year in 2003 I recorded yet another full length album titled "Instrumental in Evolution" which gained the attention of a respected guitarist and producer and the two of us went on to establish the nationally touring livetronica act Elemental Harmonics. I toured with EH from 2004-2008 playing clubs and festivals across the country. Eventually Elemental parted ways and I started the project Uprise which I currently perform with and have produced dozens and dozens of electronic tracks for. Come see yours truly drop some og basslines at the next Atlanta Superjam Y'all!
- Paul Knight Long

Guitar : Tommy Hunter

Thomas Hunter, guitarist since the age of 11, and a member of local bands: I.R.E. and Prism Collective, has a constantly evolving sound and improvisational style ranging from psychedelic rock and jamtronica, to funk and modern soul, with a variety of musical influences including Phish, Lotus, and the Disco Biscuits.

Keys : Joe McGrath

Joe McGrath is an Atlanta-based freelance purple power ranger, producer, and zebra keys tickler. He is a recent Graduate of SAE and is not to be underestimated.
Venue Information:
Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307